MDJ Racing at Albuquerque Dragway

I met up with artist Matthew Day Jackson and his incredible crew, filmmaker Joseph Hung and artist Don Edler, last weekend at the Albuquerque Dragway. It was the first time I’d seen Matthew race and my first time at a drag race. Go Matt! This project takes serious courage. It was a blast and an honor to be part of the crew for the day: hanging out in the pit, taking photos/videos, meeting other racers and marveling over all the different styles of cars. Here’s a glimpse of the day. I didn’t capture Matthew’s race on my iPhone– those images will be published in a catalogue and in a film (directed by Joseph Hung) about the project. Release dates TBA  #mdjracing #tulpapictures #instadontron #eileenolivieri

Matthew waiting in the pit before racing

Matthew’s drag car

Matthew’s “Live Fast Die Last” helmet

Matthew and his dog Beastie

Crew member/artist, Don & Matthew & Beastie

One of my favorite drag cars “Slip Away” photo by Don Edler

Filmmaker, Joseph Hung

another favorite

Beastie resting in the pit

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